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Don't fall in the septic tank!Are you having septic tank problems like backing up sewer or toilet, or bad septic tank smell / odors. Is there sometimes a stinky pool of water in the yard? For these or other septic tank emergencies, you have come to the right place for reliable, authoritative answers and solutions.

Septic tanks (mound, ET, aerobic and conventional) serve about 25 million homes in the United States (1.2 million in California alone), and countless homes in other nations. If you are visiting this website, you probably have a septic system. 

Septic tanks have a bad reputation, but you can avoid most of the problems using the helpful, unbiased information at this website. 

This website will tell you how to do the needed septic tank maintenance (“digester” for our UK visitors) and protect your drainfield / leach field / leech field (soakaway, soakpit or reed bed for our UK visitors) to prevent overflow, stop-ups, septic smells and odors.

Here you also will learn the basics of septic tank maintenance, leach fields, biological treatments, and all the other things that most people don’t know much about and don’t really want to think about.

Even the nicest homes can have septic tank and leach field problems, with resulting septic odors and soggy, unhealthy areas

Septic tanks and leech fields (drainfields) are a mystery to most people, particularly city dwellers. The articles listed on the left will help you to understand how a septic tank works, why they fail and (most importantly) how to keep your septic tank system working.

About the Authors

Like any other topic, there are recognized experts in the field of septic tank systems. Three of those experts are Mary Gayman, Roger Machmeier and David Venhuizen.As Featured On Ezine Articles

  • Ms. Gayman’s father was a pioneer in the scientific research of septic systems, and Mary has continued his work as a researcher and consultant. 
  • Dr. Machmeier is a professional engineer who writes articles for septic-tank professionals. 
  • Mr. Venuizen is a licensed engineer who advises governmental agencies on the best methods of on-site wastewater treatment.

Information provided on this website should be used only after consultation with a qualified professional.
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