Septic tanks sometimes use pumps and controls to distribute effluent evenly in a drain field.



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Pressure Distribution Systems

Electric pump(s) deliver effluent from septic tank to distribution field.In many situations, septic tank systems with pressure distribution systems are required rather than conventional gravity drainfield (leachfield) systems. What is a pressure distribution system?

A pressure distribution system is one that uses a pump to move effluent from the sewage tank to the drainfield. 

The major components needed are:
1. A dosing tank that collects effluent from the septic tank
2. A pump to move the liquid out of the dosing tank and to the drain field or mound.
3. Controls - floats, timer, electronic controller - to turn the pump on and off.
4. Manifolds (PVC pipe) to distribute the septic effluent to the lateral lines
5. Lateral lines (PVC pipes) with holes drilled to evenly distribute the liquid into the drainfield or mound.

Other pages of this website go into detail about each of these topics along with addional related wastewater handling devices like distribution boxes and drop boxes.