Septic tanks and leachfields are used by country and suburban dwellers. A septic tank 
that is pumped regularly can last for decades without stop-ups or backups. Working onsite wastewater systems are good 
for the environment. Annual septic inspection is best.
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Septic Tank Resources

Septic tank systems can work flawlessly for decades, disposing of wastewater while protecting the environment. Here is a list of resources for homeowners with septic systems.

Small Flows Clearinghouse US Government site. A variety of useful information about septic systems, including do-it-y9ourself repairs.
Inspect NY Lots of information about septic systems.
Plastic Septic Tanks Septic tanks and accessories available for purchase. Note that many jurisdictions do not approve plastic tanks. Explanation of what a septic tank is.
Friendly Plumber Information about septic systems.
American Septic Tank Nationwide chain of septic tank pumping companies.
World Toilet Organization Genuine non-profit dedicated to improving sanitation and reducing disease.
Potty Finder Searchable database of companies that rent portable toilets (porta-potties, porta-johns).