Septic tanks and leachfields are used by country and suburban dwellers.



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Which Chemicals Are Safe for Your Septic Tank? And Which Are Not?

Here is a quick way to evaluate the effect that chemicals will have on your septic tank.  Keep in mind that the bacteria in your septic system, either anaerobic or aerobic, are what purifies the wastewater and makes it safe for the environment. 

If you introduce a chemical into the tank that kills the "bugs", or even makes them "sick" so they quit digesting the waste, the tank will quit working.

First off, when you see a phrase like "Septic Tank Safe" on a bottle, realize that it doesn't mean anything. There is no legal standard for what is OK to put into a septic system and what is not.

One well-regarded septic tank scientist has published this cheat sheet for homeowners:

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